The Time Hack



The Time Hack is an experiment aimed at exploring whether our perception of time is influenced by our actions.

The year-long project aims to test whether time itself is flexible and whether our brains measure time differently than the clocks around us.

Research suggests a person’s perception of how much time has passed between two points and how well memories are recorded onto an individual’s brain are partially dependent on the amount of new experiences that person has during any given day.

Experts argue that when one engages in a new experience, that person’s perception of time differs from when that individual engages in a mundane or repetitive task.

The Time Hack aims to explore these two ideas.

Each day, I engage in a new experience to understand how my perception of time speeds and slows in relation to each event. Can I accurately gauge how long each new experience lasted? Do I remember the details of the new experiences more accurately than repetitive events during the day?

Through this website, I collect data by pitting recorded times and footage of each experience against time estimates and written accounts of what I believe took place during each event.

For more information on the logistics of the project, take a look at the parameters section of the site.