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Day 347: Find a spirit animal through a Shaman ceremony

During a ceremony during day 347 of The Time Hack, a Shaman told me that my spirit animal was a horse. [Video below]

According to, a horse, pony or mustang can help their cohorts with the following:

  • power (Sweet.)
  • stamina 
  • endurance (Last time I ran was sophmore year of high school.)
  • faithfulness 
  • freedom to run free (Like a pony?)
  • control of the environment
  • awareness of power achieved with true cooperation
  • interspecies communication (Seems appropriate.)
  • Expanding one’s own potential abilities
  • friendship and cooperation (BBF.)
  • travel
  • Asian travel
  • guardian of travelers
  • warns of possible danger
  • guide to overcoming obstacles (Low-lying branches.)


  1. I laid hands crossed on the ground next to the Shaman for roughly ten minutes before he rose up and blew, hands cupped, onto my chest.
  2. I used a grey couch cushion under my head during the ceremony and was told to lay with my right leg touching the Shaman’s left.
  3. The music consisted of primarily drum beats.
  4. The ceremony was conducted while the music was still playing.
  5. The Shaman wore a blue bandana on his head during the ceremony.
  6. He told me a horse was my spirit animal and that a pointy-eared dog and crow also made appearances in his vision. He said the horse took him to a field where he ran around.
  7. The Shaman was wearing a bow tie.
  8. I was told that the horse “presented itself” to the Shaman, which indicated that the horse was my spirit animal.
  9. I told the Shaman that I had a strange image of a wolf in my head, when attempting to think up my own spirit animal.


What happened on day 347? Find out here. And here.


I believe it took 21 minutes and 30 seconds t#mce_temp_url#o have the Shaman find my spirit animal.


How long did it take? Find out here.

Why don’t videos or images of time appear on this site?



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