The Time Hack

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Day 364: Take a fencing lesson


  1. The man I took a fencing lesson from was named Acky, a longtime fencer who competed in the 2000 Olympics.
  2. During the portion of the lesson that I filmed, I recall Acky showing me three different forms of blocking.
  3. We first form of blocking we went over involved holding the sabre up to block above my head. Acky attempted to hit me six times on the head. Each time I blocked and was directed to hit him atop his head.
  4. Next we went over blocking on my left (his right). He came in with his sabre to hit my left arm. Each of the seven times we did this form of blocking, I stopped him and was directly to hit him on his right arm.
  5. We then went over blocking on my right side. We did this a total of five times.
  6. Following the lessons in blocking, Acky then attempted to hit me from different angles, without letting me know where he was going to try to strike. He came in toward my head first. The following represents the order in which I believe he tried to hit me following his first attempt: left arm, head, left arm, right arm, right arm, head, left arm, left arm, head, right arm, left arm, right arm, left arm.
  7. I then remember battling Acky, winning and being invited to the 2012 Olympics. (Okay, maybe that one didn’t happen.)


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I believe my fencing lesson at the Fencers Club in New York City lasted 58 minutes and 11 seconds


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