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Day 1: Fight a boxer

Milton, a 23-year-old boxer from New York City, agreed to fight me in a space in New York’s Lower East Side for the first day of The Time Hack project.

We intended to spar at a boxing gym, but were turned away – so we packed up our equipment and cleared out a friend’s apartment.

Milton is a 160-lb resident of Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood, a working actor in the city and an amateur boxer.

He began boxing three years ago and has fought in five amateur boxing matches, four of which he has won.


  1. After showing me some moves, the two of us fought for three rounds. In today’s post, I will try to recall only our first round.
  2. I believe Milton was wearing a grey v-neck t-shirt, with blue gym shorts and white Converse high tops. Milton is roughly two inches shorter than I am and has a full beard, I believe.
  3. We touched gloves to start the match off and paced clockwise in a circle for roughly 10 seconds before Milton threw the first punch toward my stomach with his right arm, which I blocked with my right glove.
  4. He then landed two punches on his second attack – one in my stomach and one on my arm.
  5. I remember attempting to jab with my left hand as a first attack – none of which landed, and all of which felt extremely awkward. As a right-handed person, I kept thinking throughout the first round that punching with my left arm was similar to trying to throw a baseball with it. Even if I landed a jab, I thought it would do nothing. Again, super awkward.
  6. Roughly 20 seconds into the first round, I stopped and requested my mouth guard, then made a comment that Milton would not have to put his in because there was no way I was going to be a threat to him.
  7. Milton landed in my estimation about thirty punches throughout the entirety of the first round – I landed one solid hit to his stomach roughly 2:30 minutes into our fight.
  8. We continued bouncing around in circles in a clockwise fashion throughout the rest of the round. Roughly 3:30 minutes into it, he cornered me in a corner near a couch in the room. I turned around while receiving a combination of punches to my left arm and stomach and closed the door behind me. Milton stopped his attack and said he thought it was funny I would close the door behind me while being pummeled with punches.


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  • The first round, a water break and the second round combined lasted, in my estimation, 19 minutes.
  • A second stopwatch was used to time the entire day – from Milton’s initial lessons on how to throw a punch to the end of the third round. I believe the entire experience lasted 46 minutes


How long did it take? 

Find out here


(The grey stopwatch recorded the first round, our water break and the second round. The yellow stop watch recorded the entire day.)

* Note (by a third party) - Both watches reset to 00:00:00 when time exceeds 60 minutes. In this exercise, that happened with the yellow stopwatch.

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